Saturday, October 15, 2005

Lazy Bitch Zombie

I am the lazy bitch because I had a ton of sockies to post and I didn’t get around to it – for like a MONTH.

Bad monster, bad!!!!

It’s doubly bad because Sandy Zombie sent us these unbelievable freaking gorgeous sock pics.

First are the socks that she likes call UGA socks…I like them so much that I ALMOST get distracted from the tattoo.

Hockey Mom Zombie – you must sent pic of tattoo.

Next up are her Friday Harbour socks:

Jacqueline Zombie is very impressed by the lacey-ness of them. I fear attempting this myself, so it’s nice to see another zombie successfully knitting a pair.

Finally, Jacqueline Zombie managed to crank out another pair herself.

Try to divert your eyes from grubby Mitzi dog toy….

These were Regia Crazy Colour socks – colour 116. They took me 3 months to finish because I am a lazy ass zombie.
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